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She Blogs {About Her Personal Blog}

Mr Lady started blogging at Whiskey in my Sippy Cup in January of 2005 because her kids godfather told her she should. She’s easily persueded. She spent two years heavily immersed in the politcial and eduaction blogosphere before she realized that one other mother on the whole planet had the same idea she did, and the mommy blog was born.

Seriously, she was pregnant over the first 9 months of her blog, and you’ll be hard pressed to find some much as three mentions of that entire pregnancy. That’s just not why she started this thing.

That is, however, why she keeps doing it.

Since it’s inception, Whiskey in my Sippy Cup has managed to garner an accolade or two. felt the need to put it on their Top 50 Mom Blogs list (#32 in 2009 and #30 in 2010), so now Mr Lady has to A) take herself seriously on the internet and B) accept that she writes a mommy blog. Blogtrepreneur Magazine also listed Whiskey in my Sippy Cup in their Top 50 Blogs Your Mom Doesn’t Read, which is not exactly true.

Your mom probably does read it.

So does your Libertarian friend.

So does mostly every guy who still lives alone in his momma’s basement.

It’s an equal opportunity blog, that one.

Whiskey In My Sippy Cup has also had the honor of being named BlogHer of the Week by Lisa Stone and several mentions on Schmutzie Five Star Fridays. Flattery, she will get you everywhere.

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